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Compact Systems Agro STI 90

The compact Cleaning and washing Olives Agro STI 90 Compact is an integral mega format machine whose main function mechanical olive, separation of all products from manual harvesting and / or.

The separation of the different products are made in different phases, in descending order could be distinguished in the following:

1. Feed product through its dosing tray. At this point, a distribution flow homogeneously for more effective subsequent processing occurs. There is the possibility to modify the intensity of vibration of this element to suit the type of product that works at all times.

2. In a second phase separation occurs by density difference; a constant flow of air removes the lighter elements like leaves, land, and lighter stems. There is a possibility at this stage, to modify the flow rate and the flow direction to suit each type of product.

3. In the third step, a mechanical separation of those elements that maintain a smaller nominal diameter Ø6 is produced through a tandem roller with a certain inclination installed downstream. At this point, the machine comes standard with a conveyor belt that dislodges continuously, the heaviest land that is extracted from the input stream and could not be dislodged by the effect of air flow.

4. In a fourth phase, there is a mechanical separation of heavier and solid stems with a nominal diameter greater than Ø32 mm diameter through destemmed, leaving free flow resulting olive-products (with clean fruit, it could be the same size as solids should be separated in the washing phase).
At this point, the machine is standard dislodges a conveyor belt continuously, stems and large solids that are extracted from the input stream.

5. This model features an automatic selection of washing / I do not wash which could always decide whether or not to wash fruit based on the presence or absence of products that have to be separated from the olive . This function is performed by a pneumatic device position a moving conveyor to direct the flow of product to the washing stage or to the final eviction is decided based on washing or washing, respectively.

6. If the machine for washing fruit is positioned, the flow is introduced into a sluice in which a constant level of water allows differentiation for densities of different products; fruit float within the channel and the solids deposited on the bottom will. This bottom is provided with a conveyor belt to drag the heavier solids outlet, and a continuous flow countercurrent water will push the olive into the next phase of the process. There is a possibility at this stage, to modify the flow of wash water to suit each type of product.

7. In the last phase, the draining of the water left attached to the fruit in the solids separation process occurs. At this point, there is a perforated supported on four elastic elements that allow a constant vibration channel and therefore the removal of wash water through its perforated bottom. There is the possibility to modify the intensity of vibration of this element to suit the type of product that works at all times.

The device is mounted on a water reservoir of 11,000 l. It is keeping constant the closed water system that feeds the washing circuit and has four sluice gates with a manual opening to facilitate the cleanup of it. Likewise, the tank is equipped with a decanting system which allows work functions washing with lower solids loading and therefore substantial savings in water consumption by favoring a better use of each deposit. Each of the breasts in which the deposit is divided is equipped with a system of forced extraction of sludge that operates independently, based on the needs cleaning and maintenance in each case.

This model has a number of optional features listed below:

1. Module Integrated Pre-cleaning olive. Removing light soil pretreatment product air inlet.

2. Automatic cleaning system stems roller screen.

3. Automatic cleaning roller destemmed.

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